Do you want an unfair advantage?

Posted on: October 11, 2016 by in Shoulders
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Last week, Coach Max and I went to an absolutely AMAZING seminar on creating an “Unfair Advantage” for athletes. It covered a multitude of tests and drills designed to catapult any athlete to the top of their sport.

After the seminar, Max and I sat around and talked about the impact this new program could have on our clients. Our conclusion: We are positive that we can create an “unfair advantage” for you.

Here, let me explain …

There are four fundamentals to every sport:

1. Motor control—how accurate you can be.
2. Work capacity—how long you can last without breaking down.
3. Explosive control—how much energy you can generate.
4. Impact control—how much energy you can store.

Each sport requires different amounts of these. For example, golf requires high amounts of motor control and impact control, whereas wrestling requires enormous amounts of work capacity and explosive control. So, when you can dial in and focus you energy on the abilities that your sport demands, you will have an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.

Anthem Fitness is now the only place in Las Vegas that can help you—or the junior athlete in your house—gain that advantage. Whether the sport is golf, running or triathlons, get you or your child set up for an Unfair Advantage Strategy Session. You’ll come in and tell us your goals and desires, then we will put you through a series of tests in order to design the right plan. 

Before long, you will overtake the competition!

So get signed up today.

And if you’ve got questions, just holler.

~Dr. Josh Satterlee