Sports and Orthopedic Massage

We offer multiple restorative therapies, including Sports and Orthopedic Massage. These Movement Therapy sessions don’t look like typical massage treatments. Each of these sessions will begin with an in-depth assessment, followed by our full menu of hands-on therapies, and then will finish with specific rehab exercises and movement correctives.

At every visit, we incorporate exercises and stretches that are designed just for you- not just some “cookie cutter” list of “stretch your hamstrings”…. We target each and every exercise just for you, to help you re-learn the movements that prevent future injuries.

We combine hands-on therapies like Active Release Techniques and myofascial release. When we need to work the fascia and the connective tissues, we use our patented Hawk Grip tools- made from surgical stainless steel. And when swelling is an issue, we find success using cupping techniques to reduce the pain and swelling in an area.

We also have specific cases where we use taping techniques, including Rock Tape, Dynamic Tape, and we are now big fans of the Theraband Tape with “Exact Stretch” technology that is embedded into the tape itself. This allows us to monitor the stretch of the tape that will help us be precise in our application.

All of these therapies help YOU improve faster.

Learn More about Sports and Orthopedic Massage, then come visit our Las Vegas Location where we can perform the treatments.

What is massage therapy?

Massaging is the act of applying pressure to a part of the body as a form of therapy. Massage therapy is generally used to relieve stress, muscle aches and even to treat certain ailments. Most people use massages as a way of rejuvenating the mind and body especially after long periods of work. Trained practitioners usually administer it at massage parlors, spas, and other recreational centers. In this respect, it is more of a recreational activity than a medical procedure.

Sports massage therapy differs with general massage therapy when it comes to its functions and intensity. It is a specified kind of massage which is treatment oriented that is applied to an athlete for medical reasons to enhance their warm up or to help damaged muscles recover after a performance. This kind of therapy is mainly used to prevent or treat muscle injuries, increase the range of movement of a body and ensure good distribution of muscle quality and a better posture.

It is therefore geared towards helping athletes treat and maintain their bodies. Whereas normal massage therapy aims to deliver a therapeutic effect on the body, sports massage therapy has more of a medical effect on the muscles. Mobilized medical practitioners, due to its somewhat urgent nature, mostly administer it on site and that is on the field. As opposed to general massages, it is not considered a luxury, but a necessity for the athlete.

It is required before, during and after the performance to keep the athlete fit. Regardless of your level of athleticism, it can go a long way in ensuring that your personal training and workout routine go without a hitch.

Functions of the two types of massage therapy:

The primary purposes of these two types of massages differ quite substantially, one being mainly recreational. As mentioned above, people get massages for their therapeutic purposes. It is well known for its stress-relieving benefits. The therapy can be medically recommended as an occasional kind of treatment to release built-up tension in the muscles and to boost the general psyche of the patient.

Massage therapy for athletes is a key part of their training regime. Furthermore, it is used to make the muscles better equipped to deal with strenuous activities over long periods of times. Professional athletes undergo these massages usually before and after performances. These massages also serve to ensure a well-balanced muscle structure, which can go a long way in improving the general posture of the athlete. Regardless of the level of athleticism, these massages help decrease the amount of warm up required and the recovery time after injury.

Benefits of sports massage therapy

· Helps condition the muscles of the body, increasing their capabilities and growth rate substantially.

· Encourages relaxation and readiness before the athletic even to be participated in.

· Because of its therapeutic effects, it also helps to relax the athlete and reduce anxiety and stress.

· Aside from preparing the muscles, it also refreshes the mental capabilities of the athlete and boosts their confidence. A pre-game massage tends to give the athlete a confidence boost, make them more alert and increase their focus.

· When a massage is administered during the event, such as during half time, it reduces the chances of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), which is not only excruciating but can also take a while to clear up.

Dr Satterlee treating Ironman athlete

Josh treating Ironman Athlete

· Helps the muscles and muscle joints remain flexible.

· The massage helps the physiotherapist to identify possible injuries and begin treatment before they become serious.

· The massage is used as a way to warm up and cool down muscles before and after training sessions.

· The risk of injury is minimized as the muscles become more and more conditioned.

· Helpful in relieving soreness before it develops into serious muscle pains.

· Important when administering specified muscle treatment on a recovering body part.

The two types of massages serve different purposes, but they share their therapeutic functions. Both are used to relieve stress and boost the morale of the receiver. Furthermore, built up muscle tension that can be detrimental to the body’s optimal functioning are relieved this way. Whether you jog to keep fit or you are a professional Olympic athlete, muscle massages will improve your endurance and general performance.

Dr Satterlee and his team of Las Vegas Chiropractors are ready to help you with all of your pain relief and functional fitness needs.

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