We were hitting golf balls IN the hotel!

Posted on: May 9, 2017 by in Assessment, Golf, movement, Shoulders
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I recently spent the day at the beautiful Tropicana Hotel here in Las Vegas. I wasn’t basking in the sun out by the pool, but I did have a great time talking about “Rotational Athletes” with the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists.

This amazing group of seasoned chiropractic veterans assembles every year to advance themselves and their skill sets. Since BioMechanics of Las Vegas has had so much success with golfers and baseball players (and since the ACCO didn’t have to pay airfare to bring me in…haha), they asked me to make a presentation.

With the help of our very own Brian Chandler, I broke down the performance side of rotational athletes. Instead of a boring setting of PowerPoint slides and bad lighting, we set up a net in the hotel and had attendees hit golf balls under 3-D Capture. They were blown away.

We then broke down their golf swings into chunks, and made those chunks into parts. Then we really went to work!

After figuring out the issues facing each “golfer,” we demonstrated an array of treatments and exercises that we’ve found to work best. And we eliminated the crappy ones, of which there are many.

The trick was tying it back to performance since all athletes measure themselves off some marker— distance, speed, power. And after we treated a few injuries, we saw a measurable improvement.

And the ACCO left with more skills to improve their patients. They were so appreciative and (by my count) not a single one fell asleep!

If you want to have this type of testing done to analyze your golf swing, give us a call at 702.579.9876 and we’ll hook you up with this incredible tool.

Dr. Josh Satterlee