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We’re proud of our city. Here’s more information about it.

The top 5 Reasons we chose to run BioMechanics of Las Vegas in Henderson Nevada and practice our Sports Therapy and Sports Chiro-med practice here.



1. Safety

Henderson has been recognized by national magazines for its focus on the safety of residents. Forbes magazine ranked Henderson second among the ten safe cities in America while the Law Street Media placed it at number 6.

2. Annual events and Fun

This is one of the few cities in the US that invites its residents to come out, join and have fun. With a variety of events and festivals happening all year round, Henderson city has a great way of bringing its residents together. The city is also well known for some of the most vibrant fitness festivals in the world.

3. Award winning parks and recreation facilities

Henderson has numerous outstanding parks and recreational areas. The City made it to the top 100 best places to live in the Money Magazine’s 2012 report courtesy of its magnificent parks, world class entertainment joints, concert venues, movie theaters and trails.

4. No State Income Tax

Henderson does not charge state income tax for its residents. The waived state income tax and reasonably affordable homes make the city attractive to potential residents.

5. A Bright Future

The continued developments and ever increasing opportunities in the city give you a reason to live in. This part of Nevada is rapidly growing with a bright future of opportunities and unlimited possibilities. The City is a great place if you seek to build a long-term career.


From its inception and subsequent incorporation, The City of Henderson has experienced rapid growth and development over time. It’s a vibrant city that offers a full lifestyle of possibilities. Whether you want to start your career journey, build a family home or just visit for a short holiday; Henderson City has unlimited opportunities for you.

A little bit about the Henderson area.

Located in the center of Clark County. The city forms part of the Las Vegas Metro. Henderson city is recognized among the best in the US by some reports. The Popular FBI Crime Report ranked it among the safest cities in the US in 2014 while Forbes ranked it second safest city in 2011.

A city rich with history and the perfect place to run our Sports injury and athletic therapy center. We feel comfortable operating our sport minded chiro center here. We hope you feel the same way.

Henderson City emerged as a township in 1940’s when a Basic Magnesium processing plant was built in the area to produce magnesium for use in the Second World War. Henderson is commonly described as a city born in America’s defense’ because it was the main supplier of magnesium for the US during World War II.

In 1947 after World War II, magnesium was no longer needed for defense. Most of the workers at the Magnesium Processing Plant left the area. Even enrollment in schools dropped drastically with most residential houses being left vacant. The future of Henderson city remained uncertain.

The US War Asset department considered selling Henderson as a surplus war property. However, the city was saved from being sold off when Nevada legislature approved a significant bill to have the Nevada Colorado River Commission purchase the Magnesium industrial plant. This bill was signed on March 27, 1947. Henderson was later incorporated as the City of Henderson in on 16th of April 1953. The City of Henderson has since grown from about 13 square miles to over 94 square miles as seen today.

Why You Need a Chiropractor in Henderson

Chiropractic care is an alternative health care that entails drug-free and surgery-free practices to help the body to heal naturally. Scientifically, if the body is made to stay in its normal position, it is possible for it to heal any disorder without the need for medication. This process puts into use the fact that many disorders injuries come about as a result of distortion of the normal alignment of the nervous system. If the spine is discovered to be misaligned, it helps a great deal to have it aligned back to normal position. Then the body can continue its normal healing process.

If your struggling with some pain in your life and looking for a Las Vegas Chiropractor then you must look no further. We, at BioMechanics of Las Vegas Nevada are here to help.