Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)

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5 Things You Must Know About Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) and Its Benefits

It is well known to all of us that exercise plays a vital role in keeping our body fit. To shed extra weight, you need to move more. By becoming physically active, we can easily boost our metabolism, burn calories and finally free ourselves from excessive fat contents. Joint mobility training which includes functional range conditioning involves the best ways to move your joints in a proper manner.

Restoring and Maintaining Mobility
Doing so will help to restore and maintain the mobility you are holding. It contributes a lot in enhancing the flexibility of joints by reducing the excessive tension that surrounds the joints along with improving coordination hence providing a more efficient movement. Specifically, people move far by not pushing through areas of tension.

But by working within these guidelines, it will be possible for you to reduce tension in muscles that surround the joints, restore lost motion that caused due to past injuries and provided speedy recovery from exercise. It works in an efficient manner to restore proper posture along with increasing the efficiency of movement through increased control over movements.

FRC Las Vegas

FRC Las Vegas

Emphasis on Posture and Controlled Movement

This particular emphasis on posture along with controlled movement helps to re-educate the nervous system. People suffering from low back pain may benefit from FRC. This particular training will help you to deal with the situation along with preventing the same from reoccurring. It will also help to release tension and reduce back pain in case of neck or shoulder problems from past injury.

At the initial stage, guys prefer moving each and every group of joints in an isolated manner to help to restore and maintain mobility. If performed in a standing position, it will help to enhance the posture. All you need to learn is to go with simple rotations to start and then gradually move towards complex patterns along with multiple joints.

Provision of Greater Stimulus to Nervous System

Once you progress towards more complex figure 8 patterns, you will be on your way to provide the greater stimulus to the nervous system to adapt to this stress in a positive manner. Such additional moves may sometimes involve elements of Tai Chi, dance, yoga along with martial arts.

The basis for going with FRC has been reported to lie within two areas which can be mentioned in a nutshell as under:
Firstly, it works well with the reflexes of your body to restore lost motion due to injury, poor posture, stress and lack of movement.

Secondly, it seems that reflexes may impair joint function after a long time the threat of harm gets over.
Remaining Reflexes in an Active Motion

You may expect the reflexes to remain active in the long run as well. The muscles surrounding a joint will reflexively spasm and get tightened to give due protection to joint from further injury. The movement needs to be restrained after the injury to restore proper function. Proprioception, which is considered to be the ability of the body to sense and feel the place where it is about movement, often gets impaired after injury. Restraining it at the earliest will enable to work in a proper manner.
Restraining Proprioception through FRC

FRC does an excellent job to restrain proprioception which helps to re-educate the nervous system. By moving at a controlled speed, in a range of motion that is pain-free along with avoiding unnecessary tension; the movement will get restored in a gradual manner. You will infer that your movements will become more efficient as you will be having greater control over them.
According to experts, you need a balanced tension and relaxation in the muscles for optimal performance. Though it may seem to be obvious, it is a perfect example the way complex bodies function in a simple manner. Mobility along with stability is required to achieve the best results.
Other Developed Techniques

It must be noted that utilization of functional range conditioning does not remain limited to enhance performance. There are many other techniques that have been originally developed to utilize in a clinical setting for the purpose of injury rehabilitation and prevention. The creative, as well as groundbreaking techniques, are simply utilized by most of the people worldwide who underwent this training seminar.

Some other key sports chiropractic procedures we offer at Biomechanics of Las Vegas are that we have local Las Vegas Functional Movement Specialists Trained in FMS and ready to help you assess your risk for injury.