Why don’t farmers have tight shoulders?

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“My shoulders are tight! I feel like that’s where I store all my tension.”

This is very common complaint. I hear it all the time. But guess what: It’s not your shoulders’ fault.

It’s the fault of our American habits: sitting, staring at our computer screens or smartphones, working or playing Pokemon GO for hours.

That’s how we get our slumped posture, with head forward and shoulders up. This leads to something we call Upper-Crossed Syndrome, due to tight pecs, weak back muscles (rhomboids) and weak neck muscles.

As you might know, it commonly causes headaches, too, because this syndrome makes the muscles at the bottom of your skull SUPER tight.

So, what do you do about it?

Farmer’s carries.

It’s a very basic exercise that we do in the Anthem Fitness gym all the time because it helps people regain perfect posture. Can you picture a farmer carrying two heavy pails with his shoulders slumped forward? No! Thus the name.

All you do is pick up a couple of heavy objects (kettlebells work great for this, but you can also use dumbbells, suitcases, salt bags—anything heavy), stand as tall as possible and walk slowly.

If you’re not a farmer, here’s a video of how to do the carry correctly:

Just work at it, and watch it train you out of that Upper Crossed Syndrome.
To your health:

~Dr Josh