We were hitting golf balls IN the hotel!

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I recently spent the day at the beautiful Tropicana Hotel here in Las Vegas. I wasn't basking in the sun out by the pool, but I did have a great time talking about "Rotational Athletes" with the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists. This amazing group of seasoned chiropractic veterans assembles every year to advance themselves and their skill sets. Since BioMechanics of Las Vegas has had so much success with golfers and baseball players (and since the ACCO didn't have to pay airfare Continue Reading ...

Is 70 the new 45? This assessment can help you find out.

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I just had an incredible weekend hiking through beautiful Red Rock Canyon. The weather here in Vegas was perfect, and we were able to take our boys and a VERY special guest - their "Papa' Tony. Tony is one of the greatest men I have ever met, and he'd do anything for his family and never keep score with it. I got lucky when I married into his family. Very lucky. Anyway, he's 70 years old, and 10 weeks ago had a triple bypass. You read that right. Major heart surgery 2 and a half months Continue Reading ...

Do you want an unfair advantage?

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Last week, Coach Max and I went to an absolutely AMAZING seminar on creating an “Unfair Advantage” for athletes. It covered a multitude of tests and drills designed to catapult any athlete to the top of their sport. After the seminar, Max and I sat around and talked about the impact this new program could have on our clients. Our conclusion: We are positive that we can create an “unfair advantage” for you. Here, let me explain ... There are four fundamentals to every Continue Reading ...

Amazing Places and New Faces

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What an incredible weekend! I hope you were able to catch the finish of the Ryder Cup when Ryan Moore won it for the Americans! What an amazing journey it’s been for the UNLV alumnus. [caption id="attachment_453" align="alignright" width="233"] Brain Chandler and Professional Golfer Ryan Moore[/caption] And guess who was there alongside him? Anthem Fitness' very own Brian Chandler. He kept Ryan feeling his best, and the results were impressive. Hopefully,  Chandler will soon Continue Reading ...

Why don’t farmers have tight shoulders?

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“My shoulders are tight! I feel like that’s where I store all my tension.” This is very common complaint. I hear it all the time. But guess what: It’s not your shoulders’ fault. It’s the fault of our American habits: sitting, staring at our computer screens or smartphones, working or playing Pokemon GO for hours. That’s how we get our slumped posture, with head forward and shoulders up. This leads to something we call Upper-Crossed Syndrome, due to tight pecs, weak Continue Reading ...

I’m Finished!!

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I am finally done! I have been writing a book over the last few months, and now the writing is done! It’s called “Split the Fairway—The Golfer’s Guide to Increasing Distance, Reducing Back Pain, and Playing the Golf That Makes Your Friends Jealous.” The book’s goal to help golfers get out of back pain and to help them hit the ball further. A lot further. I started this project about six months ago. I wrote it late at night, on weekends and during every little moment I Continue Reading ...

Get Rid of Your “Tight Back”

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News flash- most people’s low back pain is actually from their hips being too tight. When your hips don’t move, your back has to move too much…. which can damage the discs and the small facet joints. When these flare up, you will get a lot of back pain. So today, I wanted to share a very useful hip stretch. It’s one that’s incredibly effective- but most people do it all wrong. I’ll show you why in the video. By the way, this will be one of the more basic stretches we cover in Continue Reading ...

Marathon Man Part 2

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Dr. Josh Satterlee, DC If you’re just catching up, I’m in the middle of sharing my marathon experience. It was the first full marathon I had ever run. In my previous email, I had just crossed halfway mark. This is where the learning began. I noticed a gentleman running barefoot. Not in light sandals or in Vibram shoes—I mean completely barefoot. It was crazy, especially since a lot of the road was rough and broken. My feet felt pretty good, but … I was running out of Continue Reading ...

My 26.2 Mile Journey

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  Dr. Josh Satterlee, DC Well, it’s over. And I’m happy. And a little sad. And excited. And frustrated. And I have a few more feelings that I haven’t yet identified. For years I had it on my bucket list, and yet I’d never looked for a race, let alone competed in one. But, Sunday, March 31st, I finally did it. I concluded an 18-week-long journey of a lifetime at the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon. It started before dawn Sunday. At we left the hotel at 4:30 a.m. and Continue Reading ...

The World’s Best Golf Stretch

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Dr. Josh Satterlee, DC As you may know, I LOVE golf. Absolutely love the game. My father was a golfer, playing at least three days a week, and my grandfather was actually a PGA Professional. I have some very fond memories of being a caddy for my dad. I wasn’t big enough to even carry his bag, yet I felt like I had the most important job in the world! Now, it’s incredibly rewarding to share the game of golf with my sons, Adam and Owen. I hope that Amanda, my wife, gets the golf bug Continue Reading ...