Active Release Techniques (ART)

ART treatments are offered at BioMechanics of Las Vegas

ART Procedure Las Vegas

A sports chiropractor performing Active Release Techniques on a patient

People, who are involved in activities that overwork the muscles often face problems like muscle pulls or tears. If not treated appropriately, these can turn into major issues for people. So when we at BioMechanics, sought to find treatments for pain, we looked at Active Release Techniques specifically. What we found was that with ART, we were able to get results quickly and effectively.

Commonly, ART is used to treat the conditions that result from the continued formation of scar tissues and adhesions in the muscles that have been overworked or overused.

When this happens, the muscles tend to become weaker and shorter which then limits the overall range of motion both in the muscles and the joints. This combination will reduce the overall blood supply to the muscles. All of these happenings can lead to pain, limited flexibility, and mobility.

So what does ART do? ART’s goal is to get the muscles working correctly again by breaking up these strongholds of scars and adhesions. By getting in there and restoring that smooth movement of the muscles, blood flow returns to normal, and healing is allowed to occur.

How does the ART practitioner do this? By applying pressure get in there and figure out the tight spots and where you’re limited in your range of motion. They’re then able to leverage their hands to break up those tight spots. Like other soft tissue treatment forms the initial levels of Active Release involves assisted movement of the patient tissue (by the osteopath). Patient involvement is one of the unique advantages of ART because it’s believed that patients who actively participate in the betterment of their health experience better results.

While ART offers a world of benefits, there is a right and wrong time to use this treatment. The therapy, for one, is not advised in patients experiencing blunt trauma and active inflammation, as techniques might worsen the case. Otherwise, there aren’t any significant contraindications for the treatment, and it can be used freely and safely, provided that treatment is limited to alternating days.

Some of the conditions that we commonly see in the Las Vegas area:
neck pain
back pain
knee pain
tennis elbow
shoulder pain
carpal tunnel
shin splints

Also, ART can use with sports massage and orthopedic massage therapists. A massage session where active release techniques are included can leave the client relaxed and rejuvenated. Because of the effectiveness of these sessions more and more people have tried it and benefitted from such massage sessions. The receiver of these sessions feels fresh instantly as ART helps to release muscle tension and increases blood flow.

The massage therapist works on various points within each muscle groups to correct and improve every issue within the patient’s body. Similar to acupressure, the different key points in the body are focused during the therapy where the patient is partially clothed. The 500 different protocols are used on a patient’s body to treat almost any type of physical problem due to soft tissue injuries or muscle pains. This technique which addresses cases similar to sports massage is popular in treating acute and chronic conditions that are why most athletes add it up on their regular medical care.

Muscular injury if ignored for long can lead to shortening or weakening of muscles and painful blockages in blood vessels. You should quickly get in touch with ART therapist to initiate the treatment. First, we will evaluate the problem by thoroughly examining the affected area. Next, we will start the appropriate protocol to treat the injury. The therapist can use more than 500 protocols while treating a patient depending on the severity of the injury.

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