What Our Clients Are Saying

Very rarely do I write reviews, hardly ever, this deserves my time.  I have seen many holistic/chiropractors doctors in my history, all wanting to see me for weeks or even months to get me back to health.  I’m a very busy business owner and just need to feel better, as quickly as possible.  Dr Satterlee has treated me twice, I’m 90% better and thinks another visit should do it.  How refreshing is it to have a professional do his job and do it extremely well.  Dr Satterlee has become a referral asset to me.  Meaning, I can refer friends, clients and neighbors and never have to worry about “apologizing” for a bad connection. Thanks Dr.


Dr. Satterlee is a doctor who understands what the patient needs and how best to get them to their goals.  I am a physician and I know when someone knows what they are doing and when they do not.  His keen observation of the mechanics of the body allow him to put you on a program that will give you the best chance to do the things you want.  I have only just started with help for my back pain (which is not related directly to my back turns out) so stay tuned but I am confident in his skills and passion for his work and I WILL be referring him patients.  I also love his straightforward talk which most chiropractors fail to do.


Why people choose us for their Pain Relief? 

  • We care.
  • We explain and educate.
  • We create BIG CHANGE at each visit….Not a 5% improvement over 20 visits.
  • We foster a culture of health and well-being…we built a gym on-site to do this.
  • We use the latest and best methods to include SFMA, FMS, Active Release Techniques, and Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)

BioMechanics of Las Vegas is the office of Dr. Josh Satterlee and Dr. Kyle Buth, we offer the finest Active Release Technique and Sports Chiropractic Care in Southern Nevada.

A note from the founder of BioMechanics of Las Vegas, Dr. Josh Satterlee.

Dr-satterlee-family-photo“I’m a Chiropractor, and I realized that most people were getting too much treatment with little effect. So, I went out and found the best methods to get rid of lower back pain, tendonitis bursitis, plantar fasciitis, and so on. What I found was that it all starts with figuring out where the real problem is. Anybody can rub a point where you say “it hurts.” There’s nothing special about that. I’m committed to doing better. To finding out that your back is sore because your hips are tight, and now your back’s forced to compensate. That’s a real diagnosis. It’s individualized and specific. There is no one-size-fits-all solution here. Living in pain is not an option. It’s your right to seek effective, safe, and affordable treatment. “-Dr. Satterlee

Primary Services offered at BioMechanics of Las Vegas-Sports Chiropractic